News in Short: YouTube still not profitable according to Google CEO; Twitter owes Justin Bieber big time

by Knowlton Thomas

News in short

YouTube still not profitable according to Google CEO

The popular video site has been "near" profitability for a long time, according to Google. Most recently, Google CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed what has somehow remained true for what feels like forever.

YouTube is nearing profitability and its revenue is doing quite well ... It looks like it’s going to be very successful.

Twitter owes Justin Bieber big time

Dustin Curtis is a designer who interviewed a Twitter employee, who revealed that Justin Bieber is so incredibly popular on the social netwroking site that 3% of all Twitter conversations involve his account.

Justin currently has more than 5,100,000 fans, and is on nearly 300,000 lists.

Lucrative partnership, anyone?

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. As a first step to fulfilling that mission, Google's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed a new approach to online search that took root in a Stanford University dorm room and quickly spread to information seekers around the globe. Google is now widely recognized as the world's... more

San Bruno, California, United States

Founded in February 2005, YouTube is the leader in online video, and the premier destination to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience. YouTube allows people to easily upload and share video clips on and across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email. Everyone can watch videos on YouTube. People can see first-hand accounts of... more

San Francisco, California, United States

Twitter is a privately funded startup with offices in the SoMA neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. Started as a side project in March of 2006, Twitter has grown into a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices. In countries all around the world, people follow the sources most relevant to them and access information via Twitter as it happens—from breaking... more

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