#nextMEDIA - Links, quotes and tweets from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn: Anyone Else Having Trouble Keeping Up?

by Duncan Kinney | Culture


Panel discussion with:

@uncollected liveblogged the panel. (Click here)


"The things that work the best are largely dependent on the people behind them," Maggie Fox

"We are starting to see this community manager role develop within an organziation" "You have to be a social person to be a part of this" - Maggie Fox

Dario Meli and Invoke Media created a Linkedin group for Twitter developers and they administer that group, positioning them at the centre of that community.

Question from the audience - What are top three twitter tools you use. The panel - Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Twitterfon 

"The tracks you leave across the internet are just as important as your own website," Kris Krug


@mikekasprow Social Media isnt a thing!!! It is, and has always been the very nature of the internet...#nextmedia

@tonywalsh Maggie Fox, CEO of Social Media Group, says if someone asks her to make them a viral video, she'll punch them in the face. #nextmedia

@nitchblog "If you constantly give more to the system than you take out of it, you will be successful in your endeavours online" - Kris Krug #nextmedia

@lisannepajot Kris Krug is an awesome moderator. Like how he focuses the conversation on the practicalities of social media. #nextmedia

@digallo Should not force 'Social Media' for the sake of being in this area. #nextmedia
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