Nitobi hits the road for Tabrio

by Warren Frey | Startups

Vancouver's own Nitobi will tour Europe this summer to show off Tabrio, a personal communication service the company designed in Adobe AIR for Verb Exchange Inc. Tabrio allows people to send long distance calls from their PC, landline or mobile phone, and also drastically reduces the price of global text messages. Nitobi will be showing off the application during the Adobe on Air train tour this summer, with scheduled stops in Stockholm, Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, Munich and Milan.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Since 1997, Nitobi (formerly eBusiness Applications) has been providing Enterprise Solutions and web-based software components. With a focus on end-user experience, we're committed to changing the way Rich Internet Applications are built. By empowering developers and end-users with revolutionary user-interface components and technologies, better applications will be built that help users do... more

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Warren Frey

Warren Frey

Warren Frey is a writer, editor, blogger and podcaster based out of Vancouver, BC. After working for six years in the Canadian broadcasting industry, he switched to print and has since covered varied assignments from plumbing conferences to star-studded film galas. But he’s never lost his love for the internet and interactive media, from his teens when he dived into the WELL on his “Woz”... more

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