Nowhere Else details the likelihood of 27 rumours surrounding Apple's iPhone 5 [Infographic]

There's nothing quite like watching the rumour mill spin when it comes to upcoming Apple launches.

It certainly happened with the iPad 2, and now that the tablet is in the hands of (or shipping to the hands of) consumers across the globe, the rumours have been redirected toward Apple's next major launch, the iPhone 5 (have we really all forgotten about the iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro?).

Well, the iPhone 5 may break the record for most rumours ever for an Apple product. As usual, some seem pretty realistic and reasonable, while others the opposite and probably will never be a part of the Apple mobile device (or any mobile device for that matter).

Everywhere Else has taken the time to concoct a beautiful looking infographic that highlights an astounding 27 rumours (and pipe dreams) and then grants them a guesstimated percentage of likelihood. I roughly agree with most of what they say, though not all—but who really knows what's right and wrong?

1. A superior digital camera. 50% chance of happening.

2. No physical home button. 20%..

3. Bigger screen. 80%.

4. Better resolution. 40%.

5. Same design but with brushed metal back. 60%.

6. New design mimicking iPad 2. 40%.

7. White models. 100%.

8. Physical keyboard. 0%.

9. 64 GB model. 50%.

10. Full 1080p video recording. 30%.

11. Secondary, low-cost model. 30%.

12. No internal memory storage. 50%.

13. 3-D display. 10%.

14. Superior battery life. 20%.

15. CDMA model. 100%.

16. R-UIM MicroCard compatibility. 20%.

17. Two SIM cards. 0%.

18. NFC technology. 80%.

19. A5 processor. 100%.

20. More RAM (1 GB). 60%.

21. HDMI output. 60%.

22. 4G and/or LTE support. 50%.

23. Enhanced voice command. 60%.

24. iTunes Cloud. 60%.

25. iOS 5. 90%.

26. Summer availability (as per tradition). 20%.

27. Fall availability. 80%.

As you can see, the variety of rumours is remarkable. Some seem obvious—a physical keyboard is a total no-no, while a white version is nearly guaranteed. But there are lots that could go either way, like 4G support, its physical design, internal versus cloud storage, etc. So what do you think of these rumours and their likelihood? What would you like to see happen with the iPhone 5?

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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