Canadian Company Wants to Rival Oculus with Virtual Reality Headset Called 'Cortex'

by Knowlton Thomas | Startups

A Canadian company is hoping to give the Facebook-owned virtual reality startup Oculus a run for its money.

Markham-based Sulon Technologies is the maker of Cortex, a headset it believes is better than the one Oculus is pushing. Cortex can overlay a view of one's physical environment with virtual monsters and terrain the user can interact with.

Sulon expects to offer the headset to developers by the end of this year for $500.



Grace Huang and Aaron Clark of Bloomberg tested a Cortex in March at the Wearable Tech Expo in Tokyo. This was their experience:

A white walled room was transformed into what appeared to be a medieval-like chamber. A recently crashed aircraft, still smoking, was lodged through a far ceiling. In another room a window looked out onto mountains. Then the zombies entered and things got even more interesting. I shot them and it was a whole lot of fun, i.e. I killed a lot of zombies. Grace found the zombies so life-like she was afraid to shoot them.

According to Dhan Balachand, Sulon's chief executive officer, the Cortex recognizes the size and boundaries of the wearer's surroundings through a 360 degree spatial scanner and reflects 3D images over what the wearer sees. And as a bonus to developers, additional programming isn't required to convert existing games for use on Cortex's platform.

Sulon Technologies is a ventureLAB client. A member of ONE (the “Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs”), ventureLAB is where talented entrepreneurs can access proven tools, expert mentors and business support to grow their innovative, scalable and growth-oriented businesses.

Sulon Technologies
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sulon Technologies is elevating entertainment with the Cortex, the first fully immersive spatial virtual reality platform. This wireless, wear-and-play device transforms any physical space into a dynamic holodeck-like augmented environment, allowing users to step into worlds adapted to their surroundings. more

Markham, Ontario, Canada

ventureLAB is the place where talented entrepreneurs get help bringing their innovation to market. Located in York Region, ventureLAB is a non-profit innovation centre, which cultivates, supports and celebrates entrepreneurs. A member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE), ventureLAB works across York Region, Simcoe County and Muskoka District to apply its unique combination of... more

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