One Million SMART Boards Equals Majority Market Share

by Greg Andrews

Calgary's SMART Technologies continues to lead the market in interactive learning products. Last month, SMART announced the production of their millionth SMART Board. The first SMART board was released in 1991, and since then SMART has a gained a 53% global market share. A year ago, SMART opened a new, higher capacity production facility in Ottawa; every SMART Board continues to be made in Canada.

Elsewhere in their product line, the Sacramento Bee reports on Elementary teachers being given "eyes in the back of their head" with SMART's SynchronEyes computer monitoring software. With it, a teacher can monitor a whole classroom of computers and control student access to applications. The teacher can also share their screen with students computers, one on one or as a group. The software can also run interactive quizzes and send the results back to the teacher. SynchronEyes is in use in about 120 California schools.

SMART Technologies Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

SMART's family of products facilitate the collaboration process, whether a group is in the same room or located around the world. All SMART solutions are designed to be very easy to use and the product line has a variety of configurations to suit a range of customer needs. The SMART Board and Rear Projection SMART Board are interactive whiteboards that allow instructors, trainers and meeting... more

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Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews

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