One-Third of Mobile Web Users Plan to Buy an iPad 3

RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook may have had a good week, but nothing is in demand like Apple's forthcoming iPad 3. According to a new study from independent mobile ad network inMobi, 29% of mobile web users plan to purchase an iPad 3, with more than half of those people being first-time tablet buyers.

And just as the iPhone 4 remains popular post-4S launch, preceding iPad models look poised to remain hot ticket items: 65% of those drooling over the iPad 3 are considering an iPad 2 or even the original iPad at their reduced prices. Also, despite big-scale marketing efforts from competitors such as Samsung and RIM, there are many consumers still devoted to Apple exclusively: 44% of survey respondents won't even consider any brand of tablet but the iPad.

So the anticipation is high, and folks are ready to buy, but what if the iPad is a letdown? It's certain to sell well regardless, but it's clear what consumers are hoping for most: a superior processor (57%), enhanced battery life (47%), and Apple's famous Retina Display (46%) are the three high-demand upgrades. 

"Nearly one-third of respondents are planning to buy the iPad 3, and 44% would only consider the iPad if purchasing a tablet," said Anne Frisbie, Vice President and Managing Director, North America, InMobi. "Interestingly, 65% of those who intend to buy an iPad 3 would consider buying an iPad or iPad 2 at a reduced price instead, indicating that whether or not consumers purchase an iPad 3 versus an older model, the excitement around the iPad 3 release will likely increase iPad penetration in the tablet market."

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