OneTrueFan aims to become Foursquare for the Internet

by Liam Britten | Startups

A California start-up is developing a tool that will help web publishers better connect with their most loyal visitors.

OneTrueFan is a “loyalty rewards program” that rewards repeat visitors to a website for their continued web traffic in a way that they describe as “Foursquare for the Internet.” Just like Foursquare, points are earned for visiting a website and “checking in,” and just like people become the “Mayor” of locations in Foursquare, visitors become the “One True Fan” by visiting a webpage more frequently. As well, visitors can earn points by sharing links and generating traffic through their social networks.

OneTrueFan is being implemented in two ways. At present, OneTrueFan is a browser extension, but it is also being developed as Java code that can be written into a website so users need not install anything; they just log in with a Twitter account.

So how can OneTrueFan be monetized and become a tool for business? The development team is promoting it as a way to run contests, if websites are willing to give out tangible prizes to the top Fans. Tickets, coupons, or even just shout outs online — any way to reward the users who are generating traffic for the website for free.

What makes OneTrueFan really interesting for users, beyond points and prizes, is how you can see which websites the people in your social network are checking in at. You can see which of your friends are the biggest fans of the websites you visit, and you see who shares the same interests as you.

OneTrueFan is currently in open alpha testing, and a wider release is expected by 2011. Check out their website here.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to become the One True Fan of this page.

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Liam Britten

Liam Britten

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