Toronto's CanvasRx Launches Online Portal to Make Medical Marijuana More Accessible

Toronto's CanvasRx has launched the first comprehensive database for medical marijuana.

Aiming to simplify the process for both doctors and patients, CanvasRx not only matches strains to symptoms, it also connects patients directly to licenced producers.

New regulations have made it easier for patients to obtain a prescription, but many people are still left with questions. Different strains of marijuana alleviate different symptoms, and patients aren’t sure which producer to use. CanvasRx looks to solve that problem by helping both doctors and patients navigate this new landscape.

“CanvasRX operates much like an online marijuana pharmacy,” explans Ronan Levy, co-founder of CanvasRx.  “Because pharmacies in Canada cannot carry marijuana and the dispensary model is prohibited by the regulations, we step into fill the knowledge gap by providing patients and doctors with the information and resources they need to best utilize this treatment option."

With no cost to patients or doctors, CanvasRx says this marks the creation of a new sub-industry: businesses that exist to support patients, doctors, and licenced producers. Patients can now research which exact strain best suits their symptoms and download a Medical Document to bring to their doctor that they then mail to the licensed producer. Once the producer verifies the patient’s information they can ship the marijuana directly to the patient.

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