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by Sarah Blue | Technology

Instead of working yesterday, I attended the Gov2.0 online conference and listened to 5 success stories on open government. I was really impressed with the quality of speakers and feel pretty inspired by all of the initiatives around web2.0, social media and the government. Jeff Nigbur, summarized this shift in thinking well during his presentation of the Utah.gov site, "Rather than having the media be our enemy, the social media portal has allowed them to be our friend."

Here are 3 things I enjoyed from O’Reilly online gov2.0 conference this morning:

  1. Unicef’s Merrick Schaeffer talked about the Malawi SMS campaign to fight malnutrition some of his tips were: always work with Open Source, follow agile principals, partner on every project, & develop local capacity. More info about what Unicef is up to can be found at www.unicefinnovation.org
  2. Michelle Viotti talked about Nasa’s Be a Martian program around the citizen mapping of Mars. NASA has several crowdsourcing initiatives on the go including one with our friends over at Top Coder - an experimental programming competition to develop algorithms which would help NASA's flight surgeons make better decisions on what might be included in the medical supplies kit of future long-term human space missions.
  3. Melissa Jordan talked about the Bay Area BART and how a small investment led to increased traffic and more fan interactions. bart.gov shares data to let third parties build useful apps for Bart riders. She also taught us that “cupcaking” means constantly kissing and being all over someone in public places in cool-kid speak.

People you should now follow on Twitter

I appreciated the comments and tweets from the following people during the conference. I suggest checking them out if you are interested in gov2.0 stuff (bios pulled from Twitter profiles):

  • @unimps - UNICEF developer focused on mobile phone /SMS development
  • @GEOpdx - Geospatial Professional, Community Building Partner, Metro GeoGeek, Government 2.0, Father and Husband
  • @cheeky_geeky - Co-chair of Gov 2.0 Expo. Voted class pessimist (1993).
  • @laurelatoreilly - Editor at O'Reilly Media focusing on various topics, including Microsoft and Gov 2.0. Co-chair of Gov 2.0 Expo 2010.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Sarah Blue

Sarah Blue

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