Ottawa's Mercury Grove launches new version of its Web Collaboration project management platform

by Knowlton Thomas | Startups

Ottawa-based Mercury Grove has revamped its Web Collaboration product, a project management platform that's apt to have cubicles shaking in their boots.

The idea behind Web Collaboration is that people can do anything from anywhere, pushing the limits of how humans can craft, innovate, and produce no matter where they are and no matter where their teammates are. The video below gives you an idea of the mood Mercury aims to set with this tool: ambitious, passionate inspiration.

"At Mercury Grove we're building tools for people who value work-life balance," says Scott Annan, CEO of Mercury Grove. "Outside of traditional work hours, we're all expected to be on call through cell phones anyway, so rather than trying to balance "free time" on nights and weekends, people are increasingly striving to balance all of their time—their whole life."

Features of Web Collaboration include note sharing, project management, task assignment, file management, the ability to comment on everything, an organization dashboard, a calendar, a search engine, enterprise-level security, and more.

"Web Collaboration is the answer to a fundamental shift in how people work—across time zones, oceans, and corporate boundaries," says Scott. "We're just trying to help people cross this chasm with smart, easy to use tools."

Mercury Grove
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

We believe in providing a better technology experience through great software and exceptional support. Mercury Grove develops software and provides professional consulting for medium and large businesses in the US and Canada. We currently have offices in Lexington, Kentucky, and Ottawa, Canada and a distributed team across North America and Asia. We opened our doors in 2005 as a small... more

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