Ottawa's Snowed in Studios Wants to Take Indie Game World by Storm with Windforge

Startup video game developer Snowed In Studios’ is readying its first original title, Windforge, a two-dimensional, building-block roleplaying game (RPG). And it is set to take the indie game world by storm.

Windforge gives players the freedom to create elaborate structures and airships that are then used for exploration and combat in the game’s sky world called Cordeus. What is known about Windforge’s plot so far makes it seem relatively simple: the main character finds himself in a new world full of floating islands with no memory of how he got there, with the first part of the game tackling the discovery of exactly why he is there.

Materials found in the game’s world will be used to fight enemies and create structures. What precisely this means is yet to be seen, as Snowed In Studios hasn’t released a lot of information about the game. Windforge will place a heavy emphasis on freedom and creativity, a feeling that other Canadian indie titles like Fez try to evoke. The title will feature randomly generated environments and a highly customizable main character.

The title is set to release in late 2012 and will be distributed through Valve’s Steam Store.

The Ottawa based firm was founded in 2010 by a group of video game industry veterans: Chris Thiffault (chief technical officer), Evan Hahn (senior software engineer), Tim Vito (senior software engineer), and Jean-Sylvain Sormany (president).

Snowed In Studios
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Snowed In Studios is an independent video game and interactive media developer based in Ottawa, Canada. The team is currently in production of its first game, a PC "building block RPG" named Windforge for release in late 2012. The studio also offers development support services & for-hire software development. more

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