Ouya Shatters Multiple Kickstarter Records Set by Canadian Entrepreneur in May

Ouya, the $99 Android-powered hackable game console, has made short work of Pebble's Kickstarter campaign records.

The Pebble smartwatch, developed by Allerta, which was originally a Waterloo company founded by a Vancouver entrepreneur, set multiple records for Kickstarter: the shortest time to raise $1 million, the most money raised in 24 hours, and the most raised overall at more than $10,000,000.

Ouya, dubbed "a new kind of video game console," has also taken to Kickstarter and has already shattered a few of Pebble's records, which were pretty remarkable numbers just two months ago. The company raises $1 million in just over eight hours, quicker than Pebble, and raised nearly $2.6 million in its first 24 hours, again well ahead of Pebble.

Now with more than $3.2 million raised and 28 days left, Ouya has a legitimate shot at trumping Pebble's one final record: a total of $10 million raised. Even if Ouya falls short—which would actually be surprising given its incredible momentum early on—these massive campaigns are very quickly transforming crowdfunding from a niche platform into a mainstream way to secure money.

And Ouya is apparently such an enticing product that an astonishing five backers have pledged a whopping $10,000, a tier of funding that very rarely sees even one pledge among the grandest campaigns.

The only venture capitalists who aren't shaking in their boots right now are the ones who invested in crowdfunding startups.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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