Paul McCartney gets a little help from his friends at HP

by Liam Britten

Fans of little-known British band The Beatles will get an interesting look at some of the lesser known memorabilia of the band’s existence, thanks to an experimental collaboration between Hewlett-Packard and noted “cute one,” Paul McCartney.

McCartney’s private collection of memorabilia likew pohotos, films, and master copies of songs will be hosted on a “private cloud” of servers operated by HP. Parts of the cloud will be made available to the public.

From a press release that is totally not self serving:

“I’ve always been interested in creative ideas and new ways of reaching people, so this is a really exciting initiative for me,” said McCartney. “I hope it will allow people who might be interested to access parts of our archives they might otherwise not be able to. I’m looking forward to working with HP on this project.”

“Paul McCartney has always been a trendsetter in the music industry and HP has been at the forefront of technology innovation,” said Tom Hogan, executive vice president, Sales, Marketing and Strategy, Enterprise Business, HP. “We are proud that he turned to HP as a trusted partner to help him preserve his legacy and set a new vision for the industry.”

Hey, I’m not one to argue with more Beatles literature and multimedia getting out there, but after just shy of 40 years of veneration as the second greatest band in history (after all, there’s no way The Beatles are better than these guys) how much more can there be for the public to read, hear or experience from The Beatles?

I suppose there’s more valuable in this experiment as a precursor to the future. If other artists see value in this, it could be a new way for them to connect with fans. And, as long as the Paul McCartney archive sticks to music, and not to crazy PETA crap, I think it should be an interesting project to follow. Hopefully this collaboration between The Beatles and a technology giant will go better than their relationship with Apple.

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Liam Britten

Liam Britten

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