PayPal Wants to Ditch Password Authentication, Enable Mobile Payments via Apple's Touch ID

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Apple is broadening the use cases for Touch ID and PayPal is all over it.  The company wants to use the iPhone's Touch ID technology to enable users to authentic mobile payments with the press of a finger—no more typing in passwords.

A team of PayPal developers attended a session on Touch ID at Apple's WWDC event, according to Business Insider. Exciting stuff, and likely just the first of dozens of cool use cases to come out of Apple's newly released Touch ID API—an almost limitless number of apps could benefit from this more convenient and secure form of authentication.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

At PayPal, we put people at the center of everything we do. Founded in 1998, we continue to be at the forefront of the digital payments revolution, giving people direct control over their money. Through our innovations, we make life better for our over 148 million active accounts in 26 currencies and across 203 markets, processing more than 9 million payments daily. An eBay Inc.(Nasdaq: EBAY) company, PayPal is... more

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