Vancouver's PlaceSpeak Announces Strategic Partnership with Ottawa's FluidSurveys

Vancouver's PlaceSpeak announced today a strategic partnership with Ottawa-based online survey software FluidSurveys.

PlaceSpeak is a location-based community consultation platform that connects citizen users with government and private organizations to engage on topics taking place in their own neighbourhoods or issues in which they have an interest. The platform bridges people’s online identities with their residential addresses so that they can voice their opinions electronically in a wide variety of forums. 

The new partnership should enhance FluidSurveys’ position in online surveys with the added capability of geo-verification of survey takers. It could also significantly expand PlaceSpeak’s reach globally in key, high-growth markets.

“Our integration of FluidSurveys technology allows us to serve our clients better by giving them the option of leveraging any pre-existing investments in FluidSurveys while still getting the engaged-crowd and geographic benefits of PlaceSpeak,” said William Cadell, chief technology officer of PlaceSpeak.

"Nothing makes us more proud than to be a part of awesome community endeavors such as what PlaceSpeak is spearheading. FluidSurveys is great software and we're happy that it's being used to do great things," said Aydin Mirzaee, chief executive officer of FluidSurveys.

While PlaceSpeak’s profile is primarily in the local government sphere, the company says that this move will increase its visibility in more diverse markets such as organizations with a large customer base, enabling them to "enter the new era of geo-location based online public engagement."

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

FluidSurveys is a product of Inc. As a company, we specialize in building web applications that help our clients gather feedback, analyze information, and make important decisions based on this info. Our clients include Colleges, Universities, Market Research Companies, Governments and Enterprises that expect only the highest quality software and customer service from us. Our... more

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

PlaceSpeak is a pioneering location-based public consultation platform that geo-authenticates participants on the one hand, and on the other provides proponents with verifiable evidence to inform decision-making and public policy development. The platform connects people’s online identities with their residential addresses so that they can voice their opinions electronically in a wide variety... more

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