Canadian Startup PlanHero Launches from Flightpath During Global Entrepreneurship Week

by Knowlton Thomas | Startups

Edmonton-based PlanHero has launched from its accelerator program. The timing—it is Global Entrepreneurship Week—seems most appropriate.

The Canadian startup, which graduated from Startup Edmonton's flagship Flightpath program, is designed "to take all of the pain out of planning trips." PlanHero automates the invitation, payment collection and group polling.

The concept was born after now-CEO Dave Chmiel and friends spent their first year out of university frustrated with how difficult is was to catch up with and plan exciting events with friends. After a coffee chat at Remedy Café in the spring of 2011, they decided to do something about it.

PlanHero fully democratizes the trip planning process by letting friends have a say in what, when, and where to go through the in-­event polls. More importantly the app makes them commit their cash when they say yes to attending, eliminating the chance for your buddy Jake to flake out at the last minute because of "work." PlanHero is currently integrated with PayPal to allow those who are attending trips to quickly pay and transfer funds to those that are planning them.

Flightpath is a four-month, full-time startup accelerator program, supported in partnership between Flightpath Ventures and Startup Edmonton.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Despite the miracles of the Internet, it still remains a painful slog to organize anything with groups of friends. Coordination, commitment, planning and follow-up are the time sucks that make us want to just say “screw it”. With PlanHero, we are going to automate each of these pain points by creating a platform that takes the best parts of Facebook events, Doodle and PayPal to create automatic... more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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