PodCamp Toronto 2011 - Social networking tips from AOL #pcto2011

by Kole McRae

I was most excited for a presentation by AOL on social networking. Most people remember AOL as the dialup king that sent everyone on earth a ‘free trial’ CD. These days most of their revenue comes from their content network which includes Endgadget, Techcrunch and Spinner.

The social networks AOL focuses on are Twitter and Facebook for obvious reasons. They use Twitter mostly for breaking news and Facebook to facilitate conversations and building a community.

Twitter is also great as a news gathering service. You can easily get breaking stories before any of the mainstream press. If you want to get the most out of your tweets it’s recommended that you tweet 11 to 15 times a day. If you do more than that you’ll find you start to lose followers. Though it should be mentioned that Conan only tweets once a day and has a massive following. It’s quality that gets you followers.

Each tweet has about a 60 minute life span and the best time to post one seems to be in the late afternoon and evening. Not only that, if you tweet once or twice during the weekend you’ll find it gets you more followers and retweets.

It’s best if you try not to automate your Twitter and Facbook posts, you don’t want to sound like a robot. It’s all about connections and being more personal.

The most successful posts seem to be the controversial ones or ones that contain death or sickness. It’s depressing but people seem to want to read it.

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