Toronto's Polar Mobile Streamlines Brand, Launches Native Ad Platform

Toronto-based Polar Mobile has rebranded and launched a new product.

The Canadian company, founded in 2007, is now called Polar, in order to "better align" with its MediaVoice platform, which it just launched today.

MediaVoice is Polar's new native advertising platform. According to the company, consumers are hungry for high-quality content, advertisers are looking to engage in meaningful ways with their target audiences, and publishers are in search of new revenue channels. Native advertising is rapidly emerging as a new marketing medium for advertisers to effectively reach and engage consumers, Polar says, adding that it has been "working hard to develop a platform that addresses some of the challenges seen with how native ads are being done today."

"Digital monetization is our industry's top challenge, with mobile now representing over 40% of digital traffic—however less than 5% of digital revenue," said Polar's chief executive officer, Kunal Gupta. "Consumers are not engaging with display and mobile advertising today, and as a result marketers are not allocating budgets towards mobile. We think the banner is dead and are working to ensure that native advertising becomes a critical part of any company's marketing mix with our MediaVoice platform."

MediaVoice enables publishers to easily present, create, serve, and report native advertising experiences across their desktop, tablet, and smartphone websites. Publishers can now build a scalable native advertising business that leverages existing infrastructure, tools, workflows, and processes.

The  platform provides native ad experiences, including sponsored story, sponsored video, sponsored photo gallery, and sponsored outbound content; integration with existing ad infrastructure, including DoubleClick; and a reporting dashboard with real-time analytics on native ads performance (beyond just click-thru rates)

Early adopters to MediaVoice include The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and the Financial Post.


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