Polar Mobile and Impact Founder Kunal Gupta Hosts the Inaugural Impact Circle

by Herbert Lui | Startups

Last week was a busy one for Toronto startup Polar Mobile. On Monday, they played host to DevTO  16. On Thursday, Polar entertained another group of guests.

The Impact Entrepreneurship Group, founded by Polar co-founder Kunal Gupta, invited 20 youth entrepreneurs out to a new kind of event: the Impact Circle. I’m part of the team that organized this Circle: essentially, the Circle was a campfire-like conversation between this group of entrepreneurs and Gupta. Gupta ended up answering a wide variety of questions, ranging from funding to firing.

One crucial aspect of the Circle is to have an honest and intimate group conversation with a veteran entrepreneur. We also recognized the importance of privacy, and the second half of this event was dedicated to giving these young entrepreneurs a chance to chat amongst themselves privately, or with Gupta or Loose Button co-founder CEO Ray Cao.

This type of gathering is in direct contrast to Impact’s larger-scale previous events, such as the National Conference or the Gala. The goal here was to make sure that we connected the most enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneurs to advice that can be tailored to their individual scenarios. We’d noticed that a lot of times, people at conferences just don’t have the access or the time to ask an entrepreneur for advice to get around a problem that was boggling them.

“It helped most to listen to not only my questions be answered but other members of the Circles' inquiries,” said Circle attendee David Chan, the founder and CEO of video production company ChanHo Productions. “I think the atmosphere of the Impact Circle was organically positive and motivating for everyone, from myself to the students venturing through school, while engaging their entrepreneurial bug.”

“It was a good opportunity to meet with like minded entrepreneurs,” said Dami Dina, a co-founder of mobile contacts platform Knok.me. “I also enjoyed that I got the chance to speak with Kunal, who was able to give me great advice in regards to running a company.”

We’re planning to host another Circle sometime this month. If you’re interested in hosting or attending a future event, shout us out on Twitter: @impactorg.

(Full disclosure: I am the vice president of marketing and communication for the Impact Entrepreneurship Group.)

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