PostRank boosts Analytics system with Activity Stream launch

by Knowlton Thomas

PostRank is a clever tool that measures different ways readers engage with online content - sort of like a social media-inspired Google Analytics. Its ranks are based on things like how many times a specific post has been linked to, shared on Google Buzz, commented on, tweeted on Twitter, voted on Digg, bookmarked on Delicious or even viewed through feed readers. Today, PostRank adds a new feature that stores this data and shows you these activities.

PostRank, born out of small-town Waterloo, compares the feature, theoretically, to FriendFeed, but for a blog or website’s content. Previously, PostRank aggregated and reported activity events. But its new feature now aggregates Tweets, votes, comments, and more into a single view. Publishers just have to input their RSS feed into PostRank Analytics, and it will streamline and filter activity into a dashboard.

The system is free for the first 30 days, then costs $9 per month. PostRank aggregates more than 10 million daily activities from more than 20 different social hubs, which means you’ll get a solid idea of the types of interactions that are taking place with your content.

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton is the managing editor of Techvibes and author of Tempest Bound. Based in Vancouver, Knowlton has been published in national publications and has also appeared on television and radio. Previously he was an editor for New Westminster weekly The Other Press and served on its board of directors. When not working, Knowlton enjoys hiking, tennis, and martial arts. more

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