PostRank Launches Real Time/Data Mining API

by Henry Finn | Startups

PostRank Ink. has launched a collection of real time data mining API's[PDF]. The new features will give developers access to PostRank's data and rankings for use in unique applications.

The Real-Time feed offers up to date and high quality news articles and blogs posts. Developers can choose to pull content from the top 1K, 10K, 50K, 100K rankings, or draw from PostRank's entire buzz feed.

The Data Mining API offers a wealth of information on the most engaging stories and trends sweeping across the web. Developers can use PostRank's meta data to retrieve, analyze and display feed and story information and access the data for topics, themes and posts tracked by PostRank.

PostRank's Data Services API requires a subscription for full access, custom data reports can also be purchased priced per report. The new data services and reports will be PostRank's first paid service, their content ranking and aggregating system has always been and remains free to users.

PostRank Inc.
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Based in Waterloo, Ontario, PostRank is a world-class technology company that monitors and collects social engagement events with online content in real-time across the web. PostRank gathers where and when stories generate comments, bookmarks, tweets, and other forms of interaction from a host of social hubs. Publishers and people interested in their content can then use PostRank analysis to... more

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Henry Finn

Henry Finn

Henry Finn is Techvibes Community Manager for the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Henry is a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo where he majored in Economics and minored in Management, East Asian Studies, and International Studies. He is looking forward to showcasing some of Waterloo's latest tech startups and providing readers with an in depth informative read. Currently Henry is... more

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