Powernoodle Breaks Down Barriers to Achieve Better Decisions

Powernoodle, the leading vendor in the intelligent decision-making space, announced that Gartner Inc. has named them a Cool Vendor in their 2014 Cool Vendor in Program and Portfolio Management, 2014 report. This year’s report focuses on approaches that address variability in organization culture.

"We are thrilled to be named a Cool Vendor by Gartner,” says Deb Krizmanich, CEO of Powernoodle. “We believe our inclusion in the 2014 list confirms the importance of leveraging collaborative cloud-based technology to simplify the complex decision making process. Powernoodle harnesses the power of social and group dynamics to help organizations make better, smarter, faster decisions - every time.”

Powernoodle is the first to marry time-tested and proven techniques with technology that truly respects the science of great decision-making in PPM and elsewhere. The usual ineffectiveness brought about by individual and group dynamics and the inefficiency of varied locations and time zones are transformed by Powernoodle.

Powernoodle achieves this by embracing the following:

● It’s about the talk, not the talkers. Powernoodle keeps people focused on the task at hand and draws out their best contributions by celebrating each participant’s personal style, strength and perspective.

● Business decisions based on popularity are not decisions. Powernoodle uses techniques that facilitate discussion, constructive objection and thoughtful analysis by eliminating bias in the decision-making process.

● Heartbeats are not the same as brainwaves. This cloud-based solution makes it easy and convenient to engage with those who are needed most on the timeline demanded by the situation without letting problematic interpersonal chemistry get in the way.

When it comes to competition in business, the hallmarks are innovation, engagement and speed. Underlying all of these is the ability of a person, a team and a company to make the optimal product. Powernoodle is the solution. As Gartner analysts Robert Handler, Jim Duggan and Daniel Stang noted, “This year's assortment of program and portfolio management Cool Vendors, while seemingly eclectic, all have one thing in common — they enable PPM leaders to navigate an ever-increasingly complex IT portfolio in a less painful and invasive manner.”

To experience Powernoodle for yourself, please visit us and sign up today.

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Powernoodle is a thought leader in leveraging the cloud to help everyone make better decisions. From small teams to large enterprises, the platform enables collaborative, impactful and inclusive decision-making by providing rapid visibility around key decision factors (risks, unpopular points of view, budget) that normally do not surface. Powernoodle is used around the globe every day to bridge... more

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