PROFIT HOT 50: Canada's hottest startups

by Rob Lewis | Startups

PROFIT Magazine announced their PROFIT HOT 50 list today. 

Canada’s Emerging Growth Companies are a tiny elite. Most of the tens of thousands of businesses launched each year in this country fail within a few years. Even among the survivors, only a precious few expand at anything close to the blistering pace of the PROFIT HOT 50, whose revenue growth averaged 1,007% over the past two years.

Here's the PROFIT HOT 50:

  1. VersaPay Corp. - Vancouver
  2. Keen Technology Consulting Inc.
  3. Classic Cabinets Ltd.
  4. The Streaming Network Inc.
  5. Rx Networks Inc.
  6. Poly Placements Inc.
  7. OmniGlobe Networks Inc.
  8. Mindfield Group (Mindfield RPO Group Inc.)
  9. Alberta Land & Investment Brokers Inc.
  10. 3esi Innovation Inc.
  11. Hooplah Inc.
  12. Westlake Industries Inc.
  13. Silverwood Flooring Inc.
  14. SavvyMom Media Inc.
  15. Canada's Best Store Fixtures Inc.
  16. Springboard Management Inc.
  17. Vortex Mobile (Vortxt Interactive Inc.)
  18. Shorex Roofing Corp.
  19. Inc.
  21. Filemobile Inc.
  22. Hydronic Solutions Inc.
  23. Dominion Lending Centres Inc.
  24. Orckestra Conseil Inc.
  25. Xsilva Systems Inc.
  26. Thinkbox National Marketing Inc.
  27. Holdings Inc.
  28. PrecisionERP Inc.
  29. Apption Corp.
  30. Yardstick Software Inc.
  31. General Drilling Tool & Supply Ltd.
  32. Dine.TO Hospitality Marketing Consultants Inc.
  33. ShareNet Inc.
  34. SNAP Newspaper Group Inc.
  35. Total Debt Freedom Inc.
  36. Fidelity Electronics Inc.
  37. FouFou Dog
  38. A Couple of Chicks E-Marketing
  39. LucasWorks! Inc.
  40. Inc.
  41. EP HVAC Inc.
  42. Q4 Web Systems Inc.
  43. IronGate Server Management & Consulting
  44. Hebbian Inc.
  45. Bond Consulting Group Inc.
  46. Xylotek Solutions Inc.
  47. Barr None Lodges & Catering Ltd.
  48. Business Solutions Alliance Inc.
  49. Resolve Collaboration Services Corp.
  50. CORE Services Inc.

Among the Top 50 are a good mix of technology companies including VersaPay and Rx Networks from Vancouver and Toronto's,, and

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Filemobile is a media management and social media platform, providing services and tools to enable social media and networking. Filemobile’s Media Factory platform brings the services and tools that power broadband video, social media and networking for any site. more

Guelph, Ontario, Canada is a Canadian online health & beauty store. Although our primary focus is on serving Canadians from coast to coast, we also ship hard-to-find products to the United States. Our local store has operated since 1982 from Guelph, Ontario. We work hard to be a kind, responsible, and friendly company. more

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

VersaPay provides a platform to automate the exchange of payments and invoices among transaction partners to get them paid faster, increase efficiency, sustainability and reduce costs. VersaPay provides a simple, fast, and secure environment for sending and requesting payments, giving organizations the ability to pay online with their bank account or credit card. VersaPay also handles all... more

Vortex Mobile
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Vortex Mobile is a privately held company based in Toronto which provides marketing and technology solutions to build meaningful consumer relationships across mobile messaging, mobile internet, and mobile & social media channels. more

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Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis

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