Psyko Audio launches their latest elite gaming headset - Psyko Carbon & Psyko Krypton

by Sarah Blue

Calgary’s Psyko Audio Labs announced the launch of two new gaming headsets today,  the Psyko Carbon and the Psyko Krypton.  Both new products are based on Psyko’s patent pending PsykoWaveTM technology.

If you’ve tried the psyko 5.1 Gaming Headset, you know what a difference these headsets make. With realistic directional audio, it feels like you are really in the game. In addition to making everything sound more cool, Psyko Audio says that you’ll win more as the technology improves your situational awareness, reaction time, game performance and game immersion.

It looks like the Psyko Krypton will replace the Psyko 5.1 product and incorporates a number of market based improvements over the original product. 

Psyko Carbon is a product advancement and includes premier components and materials for a superior level of audio, design and finish. I can only assume this means more bass. Both headsets are plug and play, come with a Psyko Amp, a removable Mic and have pivot-open ear cups to keep your ears cool during extended play.

If you’re interested in the nerdier details, PsykoWaveTM technology uses the physics of sound flow to deliver true 3D surround sound, instead of faking or mimicking surround sound through digital simulation methods (such as DSP).  PsykoWave technology places the speakers in the headband instead of in the ear cups, and uses waveguides to deliver the sound to both ears. Sounds are delivered with the correct timing difference and correct front and rear sound flow direction to reflect off the ear, exactly like a 5.1 room speaker system. This provides the unique customized directional sound signature needed at the ear drum – customized by your own ear shape. 

Both products are available directly through Bring on the first-person shooters!

Psyko Audio Labs Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Psyko Audio Labs is developing headphones for computer and console gamers. The technology delivers highly accurate directional audio so that you know instantly where every sound comes from and lets you react faster and improves your game performance. more

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