Public Mobile to launch lowest roaming cell phone rates in Canada

In less than two weeks, Public Mobile will be offering what it calls “the lowest roaming cell phone rates ever in Canadian history” for its customers.

Form its outset, lapses in coverage has been an area for concern for PM customers whenever they leave densely urban areas. The company’s new roaming coverage, set to debut March 14, 2011, will expand coverage in major cities in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Alberta and BC, and cost only $0.15 per minute for outgoing and incoming calls. These rates make PM’s roaming rates the lowest in Canada.

Competitor Rogers does not charge customers travelling in Canada fees on the Rogers network (only airtime and long distance charges), however roaming on other networks costs an additional $0.90 per minute.

In accordance with its new roaming rates, Public Mobile is rolling out a promotion that gives all customers a $5 monthly roaming credit for six months. The company has also taken $10 off the monthly price of the $35 Unlimited Talk and Text plan for 6 months, and including free voicemail, and Canadian and US long distance.

Since its inception, PM’s lack of coverage area has been a major issue for its customers. According to a Globe and Mail report from July 2010, PM had admitted that several key Montreal neighborhoods lacked service. The company pacified customers with refunds and free service until the problems are resolved.

Since then, PM has worked to patch these holes, and MobileSyrup reported talks last month between PM and TELUS to extend PM customers’ coverage to nearly everywhere in Canada.

It appears that by expanding its coverage area and offering low roaming rates, PM will gain a competitive advantage in the Canadian mobile space, reaching a market of users who need a simple and inexpensive cell phone plan that they can rely upon even while travelling.

Maps of Public Mobile's Ontario and Quebec coverage areas are after the jump.

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