Pulse Energy Delivers Energy Intelligence to Californian Businesses

Vancouver's Pulse Energy announced today what could be the next evolution of energy efficiency in California.

Working in collaboration with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Pulse Energy will launch an emerging technologies pilot called Business Energy Reports. The focus of this pilot is to help the utility’s small and medium business (SMB) customers reduce energy waste by giving them new insight into their energy consumption, according to the company.

The Business Energy Reports pilot will mail targeted energy insights to 15,000 SMBs this fall.

The analysis is provided by Pulse Check, energy software built specifically for the needs of SMBs, grounded in behavioural research into how such organizations can optimize their operations.

Every customer in the PG&E pilot will receive a report customized for their business, with customized recommendations relevant to their usage and industry, Pulse says. PG&E’s business customers will join Pulse Check users at utilities across North America and Europe.

Pulse Energy
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

As buildings and electricity grids begin to take advantage of a wide range of technological and regulatory developments, there are unprecedented opportunities to improve the management of the world’s energy and to increase energy productivity in millions of buildings around the world. Pulse Energy was founded in 2006 to make a rapid and significant impact on the energy efficiency of the world’s... more

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