Pure domination: 95 percent of tablet internet traffic in Canada occurs on Apple's iPad (Flash, who?)

Everyone knows that the Apple iPad is the most popular tablet around. It was the first to launch (excluding the old iteration of what a tablet was that never took off), back in 2010, and still remains the most popular by far. 

It maintained a peak marketshare of as much as 95 percent throughout 2010, a number that has since dropped (estimates suggest between 70 and 90 percent). Still, there are far more iPads than every other tablet combined.

One thing that has remained distinctly prevalent is internet usage. The Apple iPad is responsible for a remarkable 95 percent of all internet traffic among tablets in Canada, according to new data from comScore.

(This is backed up our own stats: 94.97 percent of our mobile traffic comes from iPads.)

And the iPhone? It accounts for 72 percent of all smartphone traffic, even though it doesn't own nearly 72 percent of Canada's smartphone market.

This proves that Apple has cultivated an internet experience that sees the users of its mobile devices access the internet considerably more than on any other platform. Even without Flash, which competitors like RIM (whose BlackBerry PlayBook markets the feature heavily) have called an essential component of web surfing.

Another interesting stat is that iOS users access the internet via wifi much more than those on other platforms. IPhone owners use wifi 48 percent of the time they're accessing the internet, while Android users do so just 22 percent of the time (26 percent less).

And the gap is even greater on tablets, where iPad users rely on wifi 92 percent of the time, whereas Android users tap into wifi for their internet just 65 percent of the time (27 percent less).

What is it about the iOS that has people loving the internet so much?

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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