PureInBox wants to sync the cloud, and your email

Edmonton-based PureInBox is gambling that push and cloud computing will prove to be a hit amongst web and mobile users who aren't already grafted to their Blackberries and iPhones. By utilizing a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the company pledges to enable mobile synchronization. And the application is primed to interact with services like Flickr, Twitter, and other Web 2.0 apps, as well as SalesForce.com.

But as with many once-esoteric services, PureInBox seems like a middle-stage innovation that will evntually be swept up at the operating system level. It's only a matter of time before Google and Microsoft offer a similar product that extends its reach far beyond what's possible with PureInBox, and in fact Apple is already attempting a similar service (with somewhat limited success, it must be said) with MobileMe. It remains to be determined if PureInBox has any tricks up its sleeve beyond synchroization to differentiate it from the corporate goliaths looming in its future.

PureInbox Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

PureInbox Inc. is a Canada-based innovative software company committed to simplifying the mobile experience by providing solutions that help consumers automatically synchronize, protect and easily share data between their mobile devices. The company's mobile application, Syncamatic, makes it easy for users to automatically sync their Contacts, Calendar, MemoPad, Tasks and Files over the air to... more

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Warren Frey

Warren Frey

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