Psyko Audio begins shipping 5.1 headphones

by C.J. Wilkins | Startups

Calgary-based start-up Psyko Audio Labs Inc. has begun production and is filling pre-orders for it's award-winning Psyko 5.1 Gaming Headphones. The headphones promise "natually immersive sound" by putting five speakers across the top band that are channelled to each ear through tubes, along with bass speakers in the earcup.

Components are being manufactured in China and are then shipped to Calgary for final assembly and shipping. A company source says that they plan on filling their existing pre-orders in the next two weeks. Following that, they will shift to real-time shipping for new customers. The headphones are priced at $299.00 USD.

Psyko Audio Labs Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Psyko Audio Labs is developing headphones for computer and console gamers. The technology delivers highly accurate directional audio so that you know instantly where every sound comes from and lets you react faster and improves your game performance. more

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