Read this now or Read It Later - Zite gets serious about sharing

by Rob Lewis

Vancouver's Zite announced yesterday that it has launched three highly requested sharing options: Read It Later, LinkedIn and Evernote.

People don’t just read an article and move on these days. They like to share interesting finds and save them for future reading. We have seen proof of this within Zite with surprising figures. On a daily basis, 20 percent of our users save/share at least one article and 8 percent of total opened articles are saved/shared.
But, our users have let us know that our current saving and sharing options aren’t enough: they want more! So, due to popular demand, we’re excited to announce three new sharing/saving options: Read It Later, LinkedIn and Evernote.

Zite got into the sharing mood with their blog post explaining the new features and included some interesting stats about how Zite users currently save and share articles. Email remains the clear leader among Zite users at 37 percent, Instapaper and Twitter are tied for second with 24 percent, Facebook holds its own at around 10 percent and Delicious is in the last spot at 4 percent.

Wired Magazine covered the launch in an article titled Personalized iPad Mag Zite is Pushy, but Promotes Sharing and pointed out that the new sharing features should help smooth over the company’s relationship with litigious publishers.

What's next for Zite? CEO Mark Johnson told Wired Magazine that it's easy to imagine how the app could do very good targeted ads in a way that doesn't anger publishers.

I have a feeling we'll see an acquisition of Zite before we see an ad on the app.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis

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