Rescuing the Game Industry: Women and Children First?

by Techvibes NewsDesk

Is the reign of the 18-to-35 male gamer coming to an end?


The explosive growth of social and casual gaming has predominantly been fueled by female players in their 40s. As more and more game developers actively target women and young children, we're seeing an expansion of what games are and can be.

But as a game developer how do you appeal to first time female gamers? How do you create family friendly games? What types of gameplay and content do they need for these broader audiences? And what lessons have they learned from developing games with these new gamers in mind?

On Sept 12 Women in Games Vancouver will be hosting a panel discussion and networking event at EA Canada’s Burnaby campus. With game expertise spanning development, research and marketing, this all female panel discussion will explore the ways the game industry is broadening its appeal.

Jennifer Donahoe of San Francisco's Play4Free EA will moderate the panel that includes Megan Gaiser of Seattle's Her Interactive, Jennifer Brandes Hepler of Edmonton's Bioware, Robin Hunicke of Glitch, Jennifer Jenson of York University and Sandy Spangler of Vancouver's Acronym Games.

The panel discussion will be held on September 12 at the EA Burnaby Campus at 4334 Sanderson Way. Doors open at 5:30pm and you can RSVP online.

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