Research in Motion releases Official Statement on Kik

by Rob Lewis | Technology

VentureBeat reported today that RIM has yanked the popular chat application Kik off its BlackBerry phones AND wiped its hands of anything to do with the young company which is located next door in Waterloo. All with no reasonable explanation, according to Kik.

RIM's actions are surprising considering that Kik Interactive had worked closely with RIM’s engineers over almost two years. RIM executives had even used Kik’s beta version over the summer, and hadn’t expressed any concerns about it at that time, according to Kik chief executive Ted Livingston - himself a former RIM employee.

Could it be because RIM now sees Kik as a competitor to RIM’s own BlackBerry Messenger service?

According to Livingston, RIM’s final action came Friday, when RIM sent Kik an email informing it that RIM was severing all developer ties, including revoking RIM’s software development kit agreement with Kik, signing key agreement, AppWorld vendor agreement and push agreement.

Apparently RIM's concerns were around Kik's admitted breach of user privacy and the way its app drained battery life. Both issues that Livingstone addressed in recent updates.

But wait - just received an official statement from Research in Motion on Kik:

RIM became aware of a number of issues and customer concerns regarding the Kik app and service. Following discussions with Kik, the app was removed from BlackBerry App World on November 12. Upon further investigation, RIM concluded that Kik had breached contractual obligations. Based on the broad scope and seriousness of the issues and concerns, RIM terminated its agreements with Kik and withdrew RIM’s support for Kik’s service.

Ouch! Doesn't look like Kik will be allowed back into BlackBerry App World anytime soon.

Photo: VentureBeat

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Research In Motion (RIM), a global leader in wireless innovation, revolutionized the mobile industry with the introduction of the BlackBerry solution in 1999. Since then, BlackBerry products and services have continued to change the way millions of people around the world stay connected. With the launch of BlackBerry 10, we have re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry. Not only... more

Kik Interactive
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Kik Interactive was founded in 2009 by a group of engineers with an endless vision to create a world of seamless mobile computing. In April 2010, Kik released the universal, free texting app for BlackBerry and iPhone, empowering users to message any of their friends in real time without paying unruly SMS fees. Chat is the foundation for the unfolding Kik community, which will also soon include... more

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