RIM Demos More Key Features of BlackBerry 10

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As the time of reckoning draws near, Research In Motion continues to tease consumers with flashes of BlackBerry 10, the company's next-gen mobile platform slated to launch in the first quarter of 2013.

RIM showed off BB10 in London today, where TechCrunch snapped a series of high-res photos for us to enjoy. The demo showcased the operating system's Timeshift software, its lock screen, its notifications menu, its homescreen, its inbox, and its keyboard—making it by far the most comprehensive look at BB10 yet.

The completely redesigned platform shares virtually no similarities with its predecessor, OS 7, and surprisingly few even with the PlayBook tablet's QNX software (BB10 is built largely on a QNX foundation). The big thing we're noticing about RIM's forthcoming OS is that efficiency is top of mind with every single swipe and tap: RIM is adamant that the system runs quickly, smoothly, and intuitively across all tasks.


RIM performing a live demo of BB10 in San Jose last month.


There's also some cool customization we haven't seen from RIM before, such as how its homescreen can feature any apps, not just native widgets. The universal inbox, which can be tailored for each user, also shows great promise.

RIM has also invested a lot of time into its virtual keyboard as it will be launching a touch-only device similar to the iPhone or Galaxy S3—that is, sans the company's iconic physical QWERTY keyboard. This BB10 keyboard is supposed to be super smart and predictive... but we've heard that before from keyboards that turn out to be more of a nuisance than any help.

We're excited to see what BB10 has to offer early next year. And so are a lot of other Canadians.

Photo: TechCrunch

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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