Rogers Launches Next Issue Magazine Subscription App in Canada

by Rachel Matthews

Rogers is teaming up with major US publications to offer the Next Issue magazine app subscription in Canada.

The country’s renowned digital magazine service will provide Canadians with more than 100 US- and Canada-based titles, all accessible through a tablet app offered on a monthly subscription plan.

Rogers Media President Keith Pelley recently said that the company’s investment in the digital magazine service reinforces their commitment to the magazine industry and digital innovation. And with the increase in consumer subscription services during the last few years, Rogers Media is in a good position with their unique content across sports, television and publishing.

Rogers wireless and cable customers can access the subscription now and will be entitled to receive a two-month free trial. The rest of the consumers in the country will have to wait till 15 December, though they will also receive a free trial.

Using the service won’t be an issue for most subscribers (wireless, cable, and even normal consumers) as high-speed internet is easily available in the country. And those who are looking to utilize the Next Issue subscription offering but don’t have a good internet connection, have several options to upgrade before December. The upgrade can also be made in a frugal way.

After all, Verizon promotion codes do exist for FiOS bundles. Likewise, promotion codes are also available for other internet services in the country, but the best option is to utilize fast internet services in the form of a bundle (consumers get additional benefits such as digital TV, unlimited phone calling etc.).

The Zinio application is already offered by several public libraries across Canada: in Ottawa, Saskatoon, Toronto, Edmonton, Quebec, and Vancouver. However, the digital magazine subscription service (similar to Next Issue) is only available free of charge to cardholders.

Next Issue’s Canadian initiative will be led by the well-known magazine and newspaper editor Ken Whyte. In the past, he has been Maclean’s publisher and National Post's editor-in-chief. Now he serves as Rogers Publishing's president.

Whyte believes that Next Issue is the future of content consumption when it comes to digital magazines. The world’s best magazine content is served in a format that offers a stunning experience and a bunch of opportunities to discover at the user’s end.

More good news is that US Next Issue customers will also be able to take advantage of broadcast, print and online media offered by Rogers Communications as part of the agreement. This will also increase Rogers’s media and publishing exposure in the US digital market.

The subscription app will be accessible by tablet owners running iOS, Android, or Windows firmware. The app’s French language version may not be offered until the next year.

Next Issue initially originated in US and was a joint effort of Hearst, Condé Nast, News Corp., Meredith and Time Inc. Users who subscribe for $10 to the service are able to access 100 magazines each month. Another option is to subscribe for $15 to access weekly publications as well. Both types of subscriptions will include digital back issues.

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