Rogers May Launch Mobile Wallet This Month Ahead of RBC

Later this month, Rogers and CIBC plan to launch “suretap," a mobile payment platform for BlackBerry devices. While service will only work on NFC-enabled BlackBerrys, it is a definite step in the right direction.

We’ve heard rumours about future mobile payment platforms for a while. And back in May Rogers announced that it was partnering with CIBC, while earlier this month we posted that the security we be taken care of by Amsterdam’s Gemalto. RBC, slowed by delays, won't have a mobile wallet out until late next month.

Though “late this year” was a fairly sketchy timeframe, it seems that what they actually meant was October. Suretap will be compatible with CIBC Visa and Mastercards, allowing the user to spend up to $50—no more—with the tap of their phone against a pay terminal.  Basically, it is the same as using your NFC enabled credit card, but with your phone.



I said "step in the right direction" because what we really need is market penetration and standardization. To be able to use Suretap, you will first need to be a Rogers customer, then you will need to have a BlackBerry, and that BlackBerry will have to be either a Bold 9900 or a Curve 9360.

Sure, more devices are coming soon—but this is still really very niche right now.

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Stephen Christensen

Stephen Christensen

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