Rotating House First of its Kind on Prince Edward Island

by Stephen Christensen

While rotating houses are nothing new, they are certainly rare. 

Besides the obvious benefit of just being awesome, rotating houses can actually be much more energy efficient, rotating to have windows always towards the sun during the winter, and away during the summer, or having solar panels on the roof follow the sun for maximum efficiency.  On the other hand, if you live on an oceanfront property in P.E.I., giving any room in the house an ocean view is also a pretty huge perk.

Canada’s first and only rotating house is being built this summer in North Rustico, just east of Cavendish, P.E.I.  Hopefully the house will be completed by next summer, as owners Steve and Stephanie Arnold plan to use it as a summer home.  The couple plan to live on the top floor, and run the bottom floor as a Bed and Breakfast during the summer, a great idea, as every room would have an ocean view at some time or other. The 5,000 square foot house will cost the Arnolds $1.3 million.



The construction is complex, but the house is designed by Luke Everingham, the same man who designed the famous Everingham rotating house in New South Wales, Australia.  Using two motors the size of washing machines and 24 wheels, the house rotates once every half hour, at an unnoticeable 80 meters per hour (though would you really want it to go any faster?).

The design isn’t the same though, as the designer had to account for differences in climate, meaning a rotating house in Canada can accumulate almost its weight in snow during the winter.  This problem means the bearings, wheels, and beams all had to be beefed up.

All plumbing and electricity is fed through the centre of the house, and made flexible for obvious reasons.  Finally, to tie all of this amazing technology together, the couple will be able to control the spin using their iPhones.

Graphic: National Post

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Stephen Christensen

Stephen Christensen

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