Rumour mill keeps on turning on potential AOL-Yahoo! merger

by Liam Britten

It looks like a rumoured AOL-Yahoo! merger is becoming more likely than previously thought.

According to The Associated Press, AOL has hired new financial advisors for the specific purpose of evaluating the feasibility of such a move.

From The AP:

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that AOL's advisers have been presenting various scenarios to the company about possible ways the two could combine operations. It cited unidentified people familiar with the matter.

The report said AOL has not yet reached out to Yahoo Inc. with a formal proposal and the two are not in formal discussions.

So much rumour and innuendo surrounding this case. Who knows if this is going to happen, and, more importantly, whether this theoretical move will do either company a lick of good.

Well, I guess if Charlie Sheen can disappear for a few years and suddenly become relevant again, I guess anything that was big in the late ‘90s can do the same. But hopefully AOL-Yahoo! doesn’t become relevant for the same reasons Charlie Sheen is suddenly relevant again.

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Liam Britten

Liam Britten

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