Saskatoon Developers Direct Craving Coffee Fans

by Greg Andrews | Technology

Two Saskatoon developers are helping Canadian iPhone users find their caffeine fix. Blaine Korte and Cory Jacobsen of communications in Saskatoon had an early iPhone hit in July with TimmyMe , a free app that locates the nearest Tim Hortons location. Shortly after it's release, TimmyMe shot up to the #2 most popular free app, and even now still ranks in the top 100. More recently in October, they released BucksMe, a Starbucks location finder. For $0.99, the app adds maps functionality and a notepad for recording your secretary's order of a triple-shot soy extra-foam no-whip 1/3rd drizzle extra-hot marble mocha macchiato. Presumably, Starbucks fans aren't be phased by something costing another dollar anyhow.

The popularity of these niche apps show the potential for large brands to do mobile marketing in the form of purposeful apps. The development cost for small apps like these is low, and what better advertising space is there than a phone's home screen?

Company: Communications
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews

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