ScribbleLive gives journalists flexibility when it comes to writing a story

by Liam Britten | Startups

Toronto start-up ScribbleLive launched the latest version of their flagship service on Friday, and they are hoping it will fundamentally change the way news articles are written.

ScribbleLive is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows journalists to rapidly share content in real time via story-specific HTML web pages. Because journalists can upload content to story pages and add to a developing story at the push of a button, ScribbleLive makes breaking story coverage more interactive and timelier. Text, audio, video, pictures, and even story comments can all be quickly added to a story page to provide the complete story as it develops.

But in this latest version, updates to a ScribbleLive story can be done via email, Twitter, SMS, or even by leaving voicemails that will be posted on the site. The wide range of upload options give flexibility to journalists in the field who might be writing about a convention, a natural disaster or even a sports event where using a computer right then and there would be impractical.

The users of previous versions of ScribbleLive include companies like Reuters, Hearst, The Score and Citytv; although it has also been used by the Ontario Liberal Party and Twestival to cover conferences and events. Check out this page from Reuters about the Bangkok protests from May 2010, with most updates done from Twitter. Or this page from The Score about last night’s Redskins-Eagles game, which has a nice mix of staff posts and user comments throughout the match.

Right now the big thing missing from ScribbleLive is the ability to edit a story’s page, but that is expected to come later this year. ScribbleLive hopes the editing functions will allow news organizations to organize story pages into coherent, chronological accounts of what happened, instead of a simple widget that pumps out content.

For more information about ScribbleLive, check out their website here.

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Liam Britten

Liam Britten

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