ShareDesk Adds to Platform to Help Mobile Workers

Vancouver-based ShareDesk is rethinking how it helps you find coworking spaces. Instead of analyzing a potential fit based on just the standard criteria—location, amenities, price—ShareDesk's new Connect feature also factors in the people who work at these spaces.

The idea is to match you up with a coworking space where your coworkers share similar interests and passions so you don't get holed up in a corner after realizing you don't like anyone else in the office. After all, isn't the essence of these open-concept spaces supposed to be community and collaboration?

ShareDesk, which has been dubbed as the Airbnb of workspaces, claims to be the fastest growing peer-to-peer marketplace for shared workspaces. It has a database of more than 800 properties and gains 5,000 new users per month.

The Canadian company provides an online platform for offices to monetize their idle capacity, and for users to discover and book them instantly. 2012 has seen coworking take off across Canada as entrepreneurs and telecommuters look for affordable space that's a little more inspiring than a dank garage or kitchen table littered with leftovers and not a soul to talk to.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

ShareDesk is an online marketplace for shared workspaces. We provide a platform that allows mobile workers, teams, and startups to discover shared workspaces and book them under flexible terms. Whether you are traveling on business and need a conference room for a few hours to meet with clients in London, or a startup looking for a shared office space in San Francisco for a few months‐ you can... more

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