brings children's books to e-reading, which aims to disrupt the traditional children’s books model, presented at the 25th Angel Forum at the SFU downtown campus in Vancouver today.

Billing itself as “the Youtube of children’s books”, Sharing Books is an e-book hub that gives authors exposure while creating a new platform for teachers and parents to access books for children.

Authors want to be read, and within 48 hours (if the content is suitable for children) an author’s e-book is published and readable, Sharing-Books head Pierre Lapointe said. Books can be versioned and updated, and since books are loaded for free, Sharing Books gets an exclusive license and uses the “long tail” to create value.

Lapointe noted that while e-books and e-book readers aren’t currently an optimal way to read, looking 5 to 10 years out e-book readers will be the norm. Lapointe said this would save teachers money and allow them to better manage their books. In environmental terms, ebooks and on-demand printing are both much more environmentally friendly than the traditional model, Lapointe said.

Going further, Lapointe pointed out that the Sharing Books engine can easily be reskinned to address other markets and international customers.

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