Shiny Ads helps online media publishers compete with popular social networks

Shiny Ads LogoShiny Ads, an advertising technology company focused on sell-side automation of premium ad inventory, today announced the launch of a new audience targeting and optimization solution called Shiny Ads Audience Targeting. This new white-label product is an add-on to the Toronto startup’s core self-serve advertising platform. 

Like popular social networks, Shiny Ads Audience Targeting gives online publishers the ability to offer highly targeted, self-serve social ads. It also lets online publishers take smaller ad buys for highly user-targeted ads by leveraging their users' data and thus increasing revenue and performance.

“We are very excited about the launch of Shiny Ads Audience Targeting which is the first offering of its kind to be delivered directly to online publishers,” says Roy Pereira, Founder & CEO, Shiny Ads. “It is a further extension of our mandate to provide publishers with automation tools for the monetization of their premium ad inventory.”

The company is able to offer these targeted social media ad placements to websites with registered users (i.e. they require a login). Shiny Ads Ad Targeting acquires user data from these sites such as age, gender, and interests. The platform then targets ads based on the rich user data via an innovative prediction engine that calculates which ad would obtain the highest performance for the current viewer in real-time. This is based on historical data from similar users on the website, and allows advertisers to target a very specific set of users with precise messaging – at the exact moment of relevance.  

The obvious next question is how Shiny Ads protects user privacy?

“We work with these sites to make sure that their privacy policy grants them sufficient access to utilize that data for purposes of advertising. If the publisher only has access to a user's email or name, then our system, in real-time, acquires that user's information from a data marketplace,” says Zunaid Khan, VP Business Development and Sales, Shiny Ads. “We do not store PII on our system. Rich user information is stored on the user's browser (as a cookie) to speed up the data acquisition process later on.”

Shiny Ads Audience Targeting is the first advertising technology entirely built on the brand new event-based persistent architecture called node.JS. This gives the product tremendous speed and makes real-time machine learning with big data a possibility.

“With Shiny Ads Audience Targeting, advertisers have the ability to target their campaigns to specific user groups directly or allow our prediction engine to pick the best user groups based on conversation metrics directly on a publisher's site. That way, the advertiser knows exactly which site their ads will run on,” says Khan.

With ad exchanges and social advertising becoming increasingly popular, it will be interesting to see how a product like this takes off with online media publishers.

Shiny Ads
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Andrea Wahbe

Andrea Wahbe

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