Sid Meier releases Civ World for Facebook

by Bryce Tarling | Culture

civilization world civ facebookTwo of the most addictive interactive experiences have teamed up to release "Sid Meier's Civilization for Facebook," a social media incarnation of the popular strategy game, Civilizations. Gamers and social media fanatics can now get together in the same place to feed their addictions in one place.

The civilization franchise has sold over 10 million copies worldwide and Sid Meier, the game's original developer is seen as one of the most influential in computer gaming. He believes that the new Facebook game will satisfy die-hard Civ fans as well as those new to the game:

CivWorld" has the core Civilization elements such as building, research (tech tree), combat, culture, exploration and wonders presented in a way that delivers a fun experience on the Facebook platform. We’ve taken advantage of what the Facebook platform offers by delivering a persistent game world, offering players the chance (for the first time ever in a Civ game) to work together with their friends to build a powerful empire, new mini-games to help advance your Civ, in-game chat so players can work together in real-time and so on. CivWorld has all of the Civ elements fans will be looking for, wrapped in cool new features that will offer a very new experience to Facebook players.

For more information on Civilization World, check their Facebook page.

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Bryce Tarling

Bryce Tarling

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