Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Portland are Coming to the GROW Conference. Are You?

Yesterday Chris DeVore of Seattle's Founders Co-op wrote about his experience at the GROW Conference last summer in Vancouver on VentureBeat. And it was high praise for Vancouver and Canada.

As a Seattle-based seed investor, DeVore's mandate is to "scout out the most talented and ambitious software teams located anywhere in the Pacific Northwest." But Portland has been the only city that could pull DeVore away from the Seattle ecosytem. Vancouver wasn't even on his radar—until the GROW Conference that is.

"Despite our commitment to invest regionally and our heavy Portland presence, until last summer we hadn’t made a single investment in Vancouver, BC—a global city of more than two million people that also happens to be located in the Pacific Northwest. Why hadn’t we? And what changed our minds?"

DeVore was invited to attend GROW last summer and with a stacked speaker lineup and Bay Area investors and founders who never set foot in Seattle or Portland showing up in force, he couldn't say no. DeVore adds, "And the attendee list included every leading Canadian-based startup, including several strong firms from Toronto and Montreal who made the trek across Canada to take part."

In short, DeVore's summer trip to GROW resulted in an investment in Vancouver's Unbounce along with other well-known conference attendees including Dave McClure and Howard Lindzon.

Will DeVore be at GROW this year? "I’ve already blocked my calendar for the event—it’s August 21 to 24 this year—and will be headed up, checkbook in hand, hoping to find our next Vancouver-based investment".

As an official media partner Techvibes will be there as well, covering everything GROW.

If you're located south of the border, get on the geek train and we'll see you in August.

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