Sirius Canada selects Toronto's Fonolo to enhance its call centres

by Knowlton Thomas

Fonolo, a Toronto-based company dedicated to making it easier and less frustrating to call large companies, has announced that Sirius Canada has signed an agreement that will see Fonolo improve the calling experience for Sirius subscribers.

"Providing a satisfying experience to our subscribers is a top priority for Sirius," said Mark Morais, director of customer operations for Sirius Canada. "Like most companies, we need a phone menu to direct callers to the right agent, but we know that customers often find this approach frustrating. Fonolo provides us with an easy way to give callers a much friendlier alternative to the phone menu. This helps us keep existing customers happy and streamlines the sign-up process for new customers."

Fonolo's technology is evident on the Sirius website's contact page, where it presents consumers with several "call buttons" for common tasks. The consumer receives a call from Sirius when the appropriate agent is ready for the customer's specific, self-identified need.

"Sirius is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of customer service and we're delighted to be working with such an innovative company," said Fonolo CEO Shai Berger. "The idea of getting a call back when the next agent is ready has been a dream in the industry for decades. While several 'virtual queuing' solutions have been on the market for years, implementations are rare because they always require intense integration at the call center. Our 'touch-less' approach is a major game-changer for the industry."

Fonolo's cloud-based approach means that intensive integration with call centres, which can be complex and costly, is no longer necesary. "Ease of deployment was a key component in our decision to implement Fonolo." said Mark.  "We didn't have to install anything or change the way our agents work."

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Fonolo provides cloud-based call-back software for the call center. With Fonolo, your customers will never wait on hold again, regardless of where the conversation begins – web, mobile, or inbound call. A growing list of organizations, including RBC, L'Oreal, Nutrisystem, Thomas Cook and the Boston Globe trust Fonolo to improve the call center experience for their customers. Fonolo has... more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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