Sitemasher struts their stuff at Launch Party

by Warren Frey | Startups

Sitemasher made one of the first presentations for the fledging Vancouver firm at Launch Party at Republic in downtown Vancouver on Wednesday night. The philosophy behind Sitemasher is that every website, no matter how complex, should be easy to set up and maintain."The website creation process is slow, inflexible and costly. Our goal is to make it fast, flexible and inexpensive," Sitemasher CEO Ron Moravek said.By changing the fundamental way in which a website is stored at its root and separating content, layout, presentation and behaviour into independent components, the company has created browser-based, drag and drop interface that it hopes will allow anyone to build sophisticated interactive sites without having to crack open PHP and Ruby on Rails tutorials. Content can be changed without having to change coding, and reliance on the IT department declines as separate areas of a company are able to change their sections of a site independently. Sitemasher is also built to implement wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, widgets, forums and databases, all with the same WYSIWYG interface. The site will launch in early spring.

Sitemasher Corporation
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sitemasher provides a fully managed, hosted website solution that seamlessly integrates the website building environment, content management system (CMS), analytics, and search engine optimization (SEO)…all within a single platform. more

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Warren Frey

Warren Frey

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