Six things you should know about Lindsay Smith, F5 Expo Producer

Lindsay Smith is the CEO and founder of Massive Media which produces the upcoming F5 EXPO.

1.  Controversial geek defined my early career.

I started my first company with eleven other students ten years ago. We were taking on a controversial scene at the time: no one liked to be labeled a geek in high tech and raves were considered controversial. The idea was to take the two terms and redefine what geek was: so, GeekRave Productions. We ran events with attendance from 1,000 to 4,000, flew DJs up from San Francisco. It was great - right out of university. Most of the students fell off within about 6 months.

2.  An SFU Communications class turned into my crash-course in business.

The company was spearheaded by our professor Richard Smith – it was sort of class project. He was very inspirational. Very much a mentor in kicking things off: he helped us to build relationships, establish connections in the industry, sell sponsorships to events. It was literally a crash course in business. And it was a communications class! It was self-directed so you had to be interviewed to get in…I think my entire interview went something like:

 “I think this internet thing is going to be big and I want to be involved in that's why I want to be in the class.”

 I must have been – I don’t know – 19, 20 at the time?

3.   I believe the most successful entrepreneurs are passionate sponges.

Make sure you follow your passion – because running your own business is a grind. Surround yourself with really smart people who do things better than you. We're like sponges, entrepreneurs, we want to learn and grow.

4.  My pet peeve about the tech community: we’re far too connected.

 There are so many wonderful tools out there right now for social media networking. But the expectations we put on ourselves – they’re ridiculous. We can’t be experts at everything. It’s just unrealistic.

5.  When I come across women I respect in the business community – I think it's really about opening doors and making connections.

 I've been on the Wired Woman board for four years: our entire goal was to get more women involved in management roles. There was one night - we were setting up a wine and cheese event for senior-level female technology executives -- and I'm looking through my entire database…I had three names! That was 5 or 6 years ago now, I mean, things have changed a little. But not much.

6.  I have an Italian Greyhound. that random enough?

Lindsay presents opening remarks which kick off the F5 Expo on April 7th at the Vancouver Convention Centre: a one-day conference to connect the business community with the latest trends in technology. Lindsay's keynote presentation is slated for audience participation.  You can catch up with Lindsay and the F5 Expo on Twitter: @Techlinz  and @F5Expo.

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