Six Ways to Forever Change How You Use HootSuite

by Knowlton Thomas

We recently highlighted some of the awesome startup marketing tips Mike Abasov wrangled in from Canadian experts. Two of those experts were from booming Canadian startup (can we even call it a startup anymore?) HootSuite, including chief executive officer Ryan Holmes.

Well, as we know HootSuite as been on a tear this year: hiring, raising money, adding new features, and growing their user base. We sometimes look at them as a company only and forget that their product is an amazing social media dashboard—one that Techvibes uses all day, everyday.

Keeping that in mind, it's important to discuss not just the company's performance, but its product performance as well. The aforementioned Mike, it turns out, is well ahead of us: he's already compiled six thats that "will forever change the way you use HootSuite."

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Sounds good to us. He's even included a video for each tip. We take a look at just one below, but you can check out the rest on Marketing Before Funding.


Mike offers a tip on maximizing the efficiency of your tabs in HootSuite.


Maximize Efficiency of Your Tabs

I suggest you always follow and list everyone who is relevant to your startup. To maximize efficiency of your listening tabs, keep a list together with the search streams on the same topic (see the previous example). But! HootSuite doesn’t allow you to drag a userpic outside of your visible screen area, and if you have a lot of search feeds, it can become a problem. To fix this, simply put your list stream in the middle, and you will be able to reach it form anywhere in the tab.

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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