Twitter More Popular Among Recruiters Than Facebook, LinkedIn Continues to Dominate

Facebook is not a popular tool for recruiting, with only 22% of recruiters using the social network for hiring purposes, less than Twitter and LinkedIn, a new report has found.

According to the 2013 North American Social Recruiting Activity Report, which uses data culled from actual social recruiting activity within the Bullhorn Reach user network of more than 160,000 recruiters, 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn and 27% use Twitter. Overall, 98% of recruiters use social media as part of their hiring process, but only 12% use all three social networks. 14% of recruiters use a combination of LinkedIn and Twitter for recruiting versus 8% who use LinkedIn and Facebook.

“Social recruiting continues to gain momentum and it’s no surprise that LinkedIn remains the preferred network for recruiters given its early and fervent adoption,” says Art Papas, president and CEO of Bullhorn. “Social media helps recruiters reach a much larger pool of talent than they would through traditional means. In 2012, when we issued our first social recruiting activity report, it was mainly tech-savvy early adopters using Bullhorn Reach. Now it’s mainstream.”

It's easy to see why LinkedIn is the popular choice: in terms of average number of views per job post in 2012, LinkedIn leads the pack with recruiters seeing an average of 179 views per job posted on LinkedIn, compared to 45 views per job post on Twitter, and just 10 views per job post on Facebook.

Further, LinkedIn has the highest percentage of recruiters with enormous network sizes (15% have between 1,001-2,000 connections); 50% of North American recruiters using Twitter for recruiting have fewer than 50 followers, and 26% of North American recruiters using Facebook have fewer than 200 Facebook friends.

According to 2012 data from a previous Bullhorn Reach Rankings Report, 79% of job opportunities are posted on at least one social network. LinkedIn was the most popular site for posting jobs with 77% of openings shared there. Twitter came in second with 54%, followed by Facebook, which came in a distant third at just 25%.

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